Where to buy Moates QuarterHorse & J3 Chips for sale

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Where to buy Moates QuarterHorse & J3 Chips for sale

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I've heard of some serious price gouging going on for moates gear since they closed their doors with QH's selling upwards of $500 and J3 chips over $200 which is just absurd.

We have to do something to keep the DIY community going so this is my proposal. I'm always coming in to moates stuff one way or another and I've got enough gear that I can prevent these outrageous prices and still have plenty supply to go around. My intent is by offering equipment at these publicly posted prices others can't overcharge at their pleasure.

I have quite a bit of quarterhorses, J3 chips and jaybird pro's available if anyone needs them. If you need any honda or gm gear (ostrich) let me know and I might be able to get a few from someone who specializes in just those. In any case for pricing;

QH is $350 each. That's what they would cost if available. Each is tested and verified with the latest and greatest firmware. Comes complete with a battery and cable.

J3 chip's are $100 each. J3 chips are 8 position mini's. All brand new in bag. They say deltaforce on them but they are just rebranded moates chips from the now defunct sniper.

Jaybird Pro is $85 each. Can write all 8 tune positions on F3v3 chips using f2e/f5 in tunerpro.

Obviously (for the less informed) all chips and QH's come blank so you will need to write them yourself.

$10.40 shipping for up to 4 quarterhorses or 15 chips (or 1 QH and 10 chips) in the continuous 48, hi and ak will be slightly more and international is usually $45 to canada, $65 to france and most other countries. Paypal only and you must send as family/friends only I will not accept payments. If you send as a payment it will be refunded excluding the paypal fees they take.

I'll try my best to ship twice a week but could potentially take up to 9 days to ship at times. Bare with me as I'm doing this as time permits.

I'm also going to offer an exchange service as well. If you have an old QH that's faulty or non functional or if you just want to exchange your old one for any reason send it to me and I'll offer a $150 credit on a replacement or I'll shoot you the funds if you just want to sell it.

Also it was asked specifically so I'm putting it here as well; If you have a damaged J3 chip the best I can do is offer a $25 credit on a new one if you want to swap it out.

Shoot me a PM if you need something.
Be sure to include your tele #, shipping address and any special instructions if necessary.