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getting started

Posted: 2023 Dec 01, 17:22
by D3fault
hi. ive recently gotten a quarterhorse chip to work for my 98 3.8 single port mustang with a few mods and changed a few basic things like disabled emissions equipment that is no longer in use and added a few degrees of timing trying to get a bit more torque out of it on 93 octane. if i attach my current bin could anyone who knows what theyre doing look it over and give me some ideas of where to go from here? my plan is to swap the top end of the motor with a early 00s 4.2 split port top end and put a fairly aggressive cam in it but i really need to learn my way around what im doing with the computer first to make it run right. any help is appreciated.

Re: getting started

Posted: 2023 Dec 01, 17:48
by decipha
you set your high speed fan and low speed fan temps to the same ??

you should never use a global spark adder unless your doing diagnostics, go ahead and set that back to 0.
FN2200 is the borderline knock table you can go add some timing in there if you wish.

FN2300A is the mbt spark table. You can use it as a reference to add some spark to fn2200.
You can see there's quite a bit that can be picked up down low but not much of anything up top.

But yeah you did an excellent job. Apparently you read as most people don't set the scaling percentage to 1 so all their values are jacked up when reading out a stock tune and going from there.

Re: getting started

Posted: 2023 Dec 01, 21:44
by D3fault
Yea so here’s the thing my car only has 1 fan while the GT’s have 2 so I was under the impression the low speed was for 1 fan and the high speed was for the other and wasn’t quite sure what else to do there. I’ve been driving the car like this and it works and hasn’t overheated. As far as the spark adder goes it seems I misinterpreted what it was for I thought global spark adder meant it would add X amount of timing across the table but I’ll be setting that back to 0. I was wondering why it didn’t feel like it pulled any differently. I’ve been looking at the mass airflow transfer function and the curve looks really nice so I’m afraid to mess with it all in the name of trying to get an extra 5-10hp out of it.

Re: getting started

Posted: 2023 Dec 03, 16:52
by D3fault
i looked at my timing table and you were right the advance looked really mild below 60% throttle. im going to try running this map tonight to see if it picks up any power but id like your opinion first to see if it looks safe. i filled the car up with 93 octane and im starting small and leaving the top end alone.