Threads for specific write ups as a revision history and to notify of write up updates.
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Be nice and courteous we are all here to learn. Please refrain from calling people out i.e. no name calling etc... Try to keep profanity to a minimum.

Don't hesitate to answer ?'s to the best of your knowledge. If its blatantly wrong it'll be corrected. The objective is to have the most accurate info available. There's no limitations on editing posts.

If you can't post a file you need to zip it first. All CSVs should be zipped.

Private Messages
A message in your outbox means the recipient hasnt opened it yet.
When they do it goes to sent.

Emailing and PM'ing Decipha
Please don't. No need unless its something you and me specific. General ?'s should be asked in the forum. If you have questions other probably do to. If its tuning specific post it in your thread so it all stays together.