Logging WOT load at low RPM

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Logging WOT load at low RPM

Unread postby blocmi » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:06 pm

I'm attempting to set PRLDSW to 0 and data log WOT load so I can input the results into FN035 with an automatic transmission. Logging a couple WOT pulls, showed load above 2500 rpm was consistent, but below 2500 was all over the place. I came to the conclusion that I was only getting good load data at 2500 and above due to the converter stalling around 2500, so I initially left the load values at lower rpm stock.

After adjusting upper rpm load values to what I logged, Perload stays near 100% from 2500 rpm on up.

After driving normally, I noticed I am going into OL when I wouldn't expect it... overdrive, converter locked, 1600-1800 rpm and 18% throttle cruising up hill. My though was the Load values in the lower rpm cells are too far off so I tried slightly raising the load values in FN035 below 2500 to see if it helped or hurt, but it didn't appear to make any difference.

Instead of guessing at the numbers...
With an auto transmission, do I need to force TCC and gear lock to log the low rpm values at WOT?
Does the Dyno pull patch referenced in the Tuning tip and Methodology write up exist in TunerPro RT for CBAZA? I've looked and can't seem to find it.

Does a peak load of 95 at 3500 rpm seem within reason for my setup? My gut says that seems too high for a fairly stock NA engine.

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Re: Logging WOT load at low RPM

Unread postby decipha » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:48 pm

its common for load to go ape shit down low due to all the turbulence in the maf and its worse with autos and unlocked converters

best thing to do is to force enrichment below 2500 by using throttle only, you will see in FN035 below 1300 load is 200 which basically nulls out any enrichment down low other than based on WOT lambse enrichment, If you don't understand that no problem just do the following:

change fn035 1300 rpm value to 2598, leave 2600 on up alone
set 0 rpm and 2598 rpm to 200 load, 2600 should have a sane value of maybe 0.74 for example (or there about)
make sure the wot threshold is set to a sane value, say 550 ad counts of TPREL should already be good but doesn't hurt to check
set the wot lambse multiplier to add enrichment up to 2600 rpm by simply changing the 1500 rpm value to 2600 and changing 1300 rpm to 2598

should look like

16384 1
2600 1
2598 0.852
0 0.852
0 0.852

Now you will only get enrichment below 2600 rpm when relative throttle (TPREL) exceeds the wot threshold (550 == half throttle)

as you can see I do the same in the t4m2 tune below 1500 rpm to prevent maf spikes at very low rpms causing unnecessary enrichment

the latest cbaza xdf and adx are on the homepage, be sure to use it, you have to enable datalogging in your current tune
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