CT's 2004 F150 Ford Racing 3V

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CT's 2004 F150 Ford Racing 3V

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Good Morning, All,
New member here. I've recently stepped out of the shadows after lurking for many years.
My current test bed is my old super reliable F150 4wd, 4.6-2v. Its been from coat to coast and on top of ever mountain range in the contiguous states over the last decade+. It's basically paid for everything else that I own.

Last year I purchased a brand new Ford racing 3v still in the crate. The previous owner purchased it thinking it would fit into his foxbody without mods. Long story short- I got a great deal on it.

My intensions are to get the motor running reliably and broken in wherin which I can use my years of accumulated autosports experience to become proficient at ecm tuning. After I've progresses with step 2, I intend to begin collecting and fabricating components to install a mild single turbo for install, then self tuning. Of course, in the mean time, I've got a few other vehicles that I am constantly maintaining and improving.

Engine is in and running. I've had many failed attemps to flash any files to the ecm other than the stock file using a Kess V2. It read and identified files easily but would never write. After 90 to 100 hours of experimentation over 2 weeks(and despite having a degree in microcomputer systems mngmt) the Kess has proven useless for this particular vehicle.this stage of the misadventure included familiarizing myself with RT, Winols, ECM titanium, and a few other tuning software.

Lastest action included temporarily replacing FRPP 30# injectors with some ebay ~20lb injectors to prevent drowning and reinstalling the original single blade throttle body on a milled aluminum adapter plate that I concocted. Though far from what i would consider "driveable", I was able to deliver a stove 30 miles away. I don't want to know what the insides of my newish Kooks Cats look like...if there is any inside left.
Next Move: figure out which tuning hardware actually works with my rig, then plan my next move.
After going the SCT email tune route on another vehicle, I still can't wash off the scent of violation after coming to the conclusion that i spent almost $1,000 on a canned tune and hardware thats locked to my vehicle/otherwise useless. This doesn't include my free time charge of $50/h for all the emailing back and forth, etc. I only spent $1200 on my giant turbo.
Based on Deciphas recommendation, I'm looking into the Drewtech. Problem is, usage examples on Yutoob shows individuals having to pay a vig to Ford to tune their own rig. Anything that says "subscription" or "License" is a non-start to me. I do cash and carry like good Americans use to lol!
If I have to spend $1,000 to overcome the extortion, it'll be for a premium membership here (where there have been incalculable hourse spent helping folks like me)or a standalone Ecm elsewhere. It will not be for a dongle, software and a few emails just to not be able to use my own dongle and software again until i pay someone else... lol. Adult movie genres come to mind. Please stand by for updates.
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Re: CT's 2004 F150 Ford Racing 3V

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read the getting started write up it has everything you need to know

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