Beware eBay Loosing Purchases

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Beware eBay Loosing Purchases

Unread postby decipha » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:54 pm

just wanted to bring this to everyones attention

I hadnt really used ebay much in recent years but just gave it a go as some misc items were cheaper on ebay than amazon which is my usual go to. In any case, I recently purchased 15 items and purhased all at once. All from different vendors. I sent the payment and all went well or so I assumed. 2 weeks later I still hadnt received 4 items. So I login to ebay to check the status and they are not in my purchase history??? I check my credit card and sure enough there was 18 transactions for ebay. 3 of which I was double charged for. So I spent the better part of half an hour to eventually get a call number and reference code to give them a shout. I get a nice lady on the phone and she says theres nothing they can do I have to dispute it with my credit card company. So I login to my cc account and cancel the transactions for the 3 double charged which the credit card company had already flagged for double charges that i just had to approve. The other 4 items I submitted for refund since the charges were already though.

Just thought Id share as this is extremely troubling to me. Its very common for me to purchase things when im on the road and away from home. Had I not came home for thanksgiving it most likely wouldnt have been until march or so of next year before I found out items were missing. At that point theres prob very little I could do.

I will not be using ebay ever again.
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Re: Beware eBay Loosing Purchases

Unread postby ironmanisanemic » Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:14 pm

ive had similar experiences with ebay in the past. What has happened to me is when checking out with paypal, each vendor gets paid separately so my Credit card company flags the transactions and blocks them until i approve them since so many came in so quickly. well i have to repurchase the items that didnt go through the first time, and well my CC blocks some more again. Rinse and repeat, and i hit the banks HARD limit of daily transactions and cannot use my card anymore that day. It would be nice if paypal would charge you once if you have multiple items in your cart, so things like what happened to you and happened to me dont happen. I do still use ebay, but i am much more conservative in how many things i try to get at once.
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