What did I do? Help a greenhorn out?

European strategy specific for 2004 ford mustang euro spec but also modified by SVT and used on the 03/04 cobra. Can be used on all 2002-2004 mustang v8 and v6 manual and automatics. Supports automatic 4r70w control. Can be used on 2001-2004 ford F-150 4.6 / 5.4 ecu's if configured correctly as well.
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Re: What did I do? Help a greenhorn out?

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No you use the histogram for the wideband you have.

o2s are more accurate than widebands so its always best to use them as much as you can.

If your wideband reads accurately down low which most down you should be able to compare it to the narrowbands and it should match so the error should be calculated the same but thats not always the case.
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