Logging thru OBD2 port

European strategy specific for 2004 ford mustang euro spec but also modified by SVT and used on the 03/04 cobra. Can be used on all 2002-2004 mustang v8 and v6 manual and automatics. Supports automatic 4r70w control. Can be used on 2001-2004 ford F-150 4.6 / 5.4 ecu's if configured correctly as well.
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Logging thru OBD2 port

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Can you log through the OBD2 port with an sct tuner if a chip is installed in the j3 port? If so is it accurate? I tried and it seemed to work but the VSS payload said invalid.
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Re: Logging thru OBD2 port

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thats cuz it doesnt have a vss
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