tune ford focus st170

Specific to none US ford tuning as some of the algorithms are slightly different.
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tune ford focus st170

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decipha as you tell me, i post here.

i only need to modify the rev limiter on it and especially if possible the rev in neutral for make like a launch control

so car is an european forD focus 2.0 ST170 pcm is eecv mpc levanta, LBO-210 3NFA PCM LEVANTA 2M5F-12A650-A UJAHAS2.HEX

i have read the file with alientech kess v2 :
FORD FOCUS ST170 (Original).bin
(960 KiB) Downloaded 97 times
do you think it's possible to move rev limiter and make launch control?

i can pay for it it's not a problem

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Re: tune ford focus st170

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I don't see how the memory is structured as its different from the levanta's I've seen.

To make a 2-step for launch control would require rewriting some code which I have no desire to do on that strategy.
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