Gen 3 Coyote Control Options

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Gen 3 Coyote Control Options

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I picked up a gen 3 coyote engine this week and im looking at ecm options. Ford racing control pack seems to be the most popular option but quite expensive considering I already have the PCM and wiring from the f150 the engine came out of. I checked with some of my local shops and none of they all said I had to get a control pack or holley.

I've read on several forums that the Pats can be removed from the f150 ecm but I also plan on using a manual trans behind the coyote, Is that something that can be changed on the ecm or do I need a mustang ecm? Is this something you might do Decipha ?
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Re: Gen 3 Coyote Control Options

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Trucks are speed density. Control pack for manual trans is most ideal.
They are maf though so youll have to either wire it up or just use the control pack harness.

Youll have to verify the firing order.
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