Bad Mouthing Decipha

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Bad Mouthing Decipha

Unread postby decipha » Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:28 pm

So it has been brought to my attention that some people have been bad mouthing me for various reasons, it seems as though half of them are due to popsracing and the other half is due to people mistaking me for mike from nolamotorosports

So here is a list of folks that have negative thoughts or assumed negative thoughts about decipha's style of tuning lol, I am putting this here for all to see so the truth can be known

These are the folks that have either said false accusations against me or just don't like me, in any case they have bad reviews, if anyone else finds any negative or bad reviews on the internet please post the link here for all to see

Adam Marrer @ popsracing, I've been told by numerous people, at least half a dozen or more that have STILL came to me for a tune afterward :lol: from what I have been told, adam said i am a horrible tuner and have blown up many vehicles, for the record that is not true, and he has called me before upset because i offered to give out base tunes for free before the A9L2, T4M2, etc... and that i didn't charge enough for my tunes, and then again because I gave away free def files that I worked on and he lost money on potential buyers

not to mention i paid him $3600 for the mustang and lightning database 5 years ago and he never sent me an update so I can log with the QH as we agreed, he did however take care of me and got my license up and running when my old laptop broke and I am very thankful he did, thats was very trustworthy of him

Kyle Rigdon @ speedproductions, Not sure whats up here but Adam told me that Kyle said i blew up a bunch of cars??? no idea where that came from, there was one supercharged car that blew an engine a couple years after i tuned it, she was driven hard over a year after i tuned it and when sold to the new buyer he blew it up within days, im pretty sure the tune wasnt to blame though and never heard any more about it, that is the ONLY thing close to even coming close to anything getting blown up that i can think of

03 Blk HD on the lightningrodder forum, turns out he got a FREE tune from me because I needed a stock calibration to copy out for another truck that had a corrupt tune, so I made a few changes to his tune for FREE, apparently, he expected significant power gains and a full custom tune in the few minutes that I plugged in to his truck, Im guessing he took my young age as inexperience, it happens quite often so it doesnt bother me anymore ... p?t=292865

There's some guy on facebook with negative things to say, his name is Patrick Firmin and appears to be from the new orleans area, he claims that I have blown up several vehicles, I'm pretty sure he's confusing me for Mike from NolaMotor though, I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, Im offering $1,000 for each vehicle he claims I blew up

and lastly, the only guy I ever had to give a refund to was the engineer Erick here a little while back, I hadn't heard or seen from him since but im sure he's still butt sore and not liking team decipha much lol, his thread was moved from premium members to this subforum when his account got returned, its a good read

Another one Bob Monks from STLMustangs, not sure what hes referring to but he says Im incompetent ... arterhorse

You will note that I have nothing bad or negative to say about any of these individuals, just stating my experiences with them

And another one, James at RWTD, I dont know who he is but Ive been questioned a couple times about issues him and I had?? I dont know him but I've seen quite a few of his tunes and even adjusted a few vehicles he's tuned. Despite what people have said I have nothing negative I can say about him. I have no issues with him at all, in fact, I dont even know him. And to take it a step farther, I would highly recommend his tunes, from the ones I've seen they're top notch up there to decipha's standards.

If anyone knows of or see's anything to add please do, it wont hurt my feelings.

Now as for the good, those that have good experiences you usually never hear from, they typically go on about their happy way never to be seen or heard from again. There is a few seldom examples though where folks are overly happy about their experiences and share their results. As such is the following: ... 290#/enter ... cipha.html ... cipha.html ... g-com.html ... a.1175961/ ... a.1129042/

and even props from the LSx group ... sippi.html
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Re: Bad Mouthing Decipha

Unread postby waltnono » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:21 pm

My overly happy experience. I always reference people to you on Facebook groups, and in person. Probably still be a project car if not for your help. ... html?amp=1
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