[Moates] RZASA - 03/04 Marauder

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[Moates] RZASA - 03/04 Marauder

Unread postby decipha » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:59 am

03/04 Marauder specific but also can be used for Luxury Sedans and ECU Swaps.

03/04 Marauder Custom 87 Octane High Performance Economy Street Tune
- reduced emissions with reduced ignition timing
- improved safety with custom knock sensor control that automatically adjusts to 87 / 93 / race gas
- colder a/c - high speed fan w/ a/c lowers a/c temps for colder air
- increased alternator voltage capacity that dynamically adjusts to your battery condition
- alternator shuts off at wot to increase hp
- tq converter lock up and unlock scheduling is re-configured
- decipha custom torque converter 'dithering' for better fuel economy and acceleration
- improved shift scheduling gives vehicle "sporty" shifting and increases throttle response
- custom code for variable speed fan idle compensation
- custom code to prevent negative WOT fuel corrections for safety
- custom 2-step code for use by only those with performance timing chain tensioners
- overheat protection shuts off engine at high temps to protect engine
- improved throttle response with idle air control assisted acceleration
- decreased shifting slippage to increase transmission life and reduce wear
- transmission upshift control modified to improve shift firmness
- torque modulation modified to shut off ignition on gear shifts to improve shift firmness without raising pressure
- ignition timing clipped at startup to reduce startup knock on high mileage engines
- dashpot revamped to improve vehicle coasting and reduce drive line clunking on tip in/tip out
- custom code for o2 sensor time based switching threshold to improve fuel economy without sacrificing cold idle stability
- startup rpm adders reduced to prevent excessively high idle at startup
- all torque and speed limiters removed
- superior idle control allows improved idle control for those with aftermarket cams
- custom written knock sensor threshold code for excellent knock sensor control
- custom large ignition timing table allows far superior ignition timing control not possible otherwise
- park / neutral rev limiter reduced to 4k rpm for safety / 2-step
- fuel pressure raises to 65psi for better atomization and to increase injector flow at WOT
- egr increased significantly to improve engine transients, fuel economy and to reduce emissions
- many have reported noticeably deeper / throatier exhaust note due to performance gains
- custom anti-grind starter relay control disables the starter while the engine is running to prevent damaging flex plate
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