Ford Excursion Base tune comparison

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Ford Excursion Base tune comparison

Unread postby jtayjohnson » Fri Aug 28, 2020 1:34 pm


Thanks Decipha for creating this small community and forum. . i'm honestly excited to progress to this stage and I can't wait to perhaps do my own hacking in assembly in the future.

A little background about me: I hardly have any experience tuning vehicles, or even analyzing calibration tables (tuning maps), only got involved lately by diagnosing p0128 and getting a better understanding of how integrated the system is. Nonetheless, the feeling of fixing my car is satisfying but at the same time I really wanna understand the machine better. . and I think having an electronic setup in every modern vehicle might be useful even if the learning might be slightly steep.

I'm hoping to dip my toes into microcontrollers in the future (maybe a DIY mountable infrared sensor?) and for now I wish to at least load some tunes to learn how to analyze the calibration tables and how to diagnose my car.

I was wondering if Decipha, or anyone, could give me some advice on my current objective. I was up reading HPtuner last night, and it seems like the editor is free to load and compare tables but I might have to pay (quite an amount for a package) for the OBD scanner? As my current knowledge stands, I really like how everything is pretty high level- it seems like their editor has already included the definition files of many cars. But like many packaged things, the file type seems to be propriety and i'm not sure if the editor would even accept and convert other file types for tunes.

This morning I went back to check out efidynotuning ,cattuner and RTtunerpro, it seems like RTtuner might be a great option as it accepts donation or an affordable registration fee and uses .xdf files (is it open-sourced?). However hardware is separate and I read that going to moates to buy a ford specific hardware to get the calibration tables might be an option. But given the affordability of obd scanners these days, i'm not sure if I would like/need to go that route.

right now, another thing i'm trying to do is familarize myself with Decipha's ford def file and how exactly can I use that information

Anyways everything is still piecing together and I stand corrected. Please feel free to drop some advice on software/hardware and any logistical stuff or experiences that you gotten.

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Re: Ford Excursion Base tune comparison

Unread postby decipha » Fri Aug 28, 2020 2:32 pm

first we need to know what ecu you have. Your missing important details in your profile for your vehicles.

I take it you have a v10 gasser and a diesel excursion? Year would be important info to know.
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