Rzasa basic file setup for boost (spark control)

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Rzasa basic file setup for boost (spark control)

Unread postby m-barans » Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:37 pm

So my vehicle (03 marauder) inventory list of modifications include an improved 03 cobra long block with factory Eaton blower setup, factory 03 cobra injectors and MAF Meter and coyote fuel pump. At this point with my basic file setup using QH and tuner pro RT, I have addressed the MAF transfer function and injector data for those changes. Currently, the order of business is to first: validate the MAF meter curve? 2nd is to dial in PERLOAD fuel at 0 vac/ 0 boost? I have the data logger patch enabled in the tune along with an AEM fail save wideband gauge kit offering an analog AFR/ lambda output to egr position input to ECU/PCM. I feel fairly confident about dialing in my fuel after reading the fuel write up a couple hundred times and getting familiar with the tuner pro RT software. However, I’m lost a little bit on the Ignition piece. My base fuel table looks setup for boost but I’m not savvy as to which spark table I need to use in RZASA. Borderline Knock? And nullify others? I know I need to rescale the timing table for boost (Load >1 (100)) for proper spark advance control. Guessing a similar ignition setup to a stock 03 cobra would be safe for starters but have know idea what that looks like. Any guidance and/or feedback is appreciated. Thanks. First time tuning and just want to get this project safely drivable for daily use..
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Re: Rzasa basic file setup for boost (spark control)

Unread postby decipha » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:09 am

compression ratio affects mbt significantly on the 4v engines

in any case the spark table should be scaled from 0 to 200 already and pre populated. Its the large spark table all others should be null already.
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