FRPP coyote tables

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FRPP coyote tables

Unread postby wywindsor » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:47 pm

First off Is it the same as the blue oval in your car. Can anyone provide the tables and multipliers for timing and fueling VS> the stock ones. I have heard thru the grape vine the coyote stock heads up racing the timing is locked at 25 degrees. The rules say the tube size and maf sensor shall be stock. The housing size up to 4.??. And location within 9'' of the tb. Just trying to get to the bottom of the HP war in the class. All sensors must retain stock as well. There are people out ther that believe you can't cheat the parameters on the eec. However they allow up to 65# of fuel pressure with a return line. JUST PISSING PEOPLE OFF TO PROVE A POINT.
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Re: FRPP coyote tables

Unread postby decipha » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:03 pm

hey Ray I have no idea what your talking about. The same blue oval? as in same ecu.. yes as a stock production coyote then yes. There's way too many spark tables and modifiers to give any use-able data. I usually shoot 26 degrees to the coyotes I tune N/A. There's no reason to change the tube size nor the maf sensor. For reference, we make an in house true bolt on turbo kit for the 11+ GTs and in a 4" pipe the stock MAF pegs at 580rwhp. Theres no reason to change any of the sensors. I don't know what you mean about cheating the parameters on the ecu but you can go in there and command what you wish if you wish. 65psi is close to the stock spec of 58psi or so. Stock fuel system is return with the regulator in tank.
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