Dehumidifier help - can't find one

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Dehumidifier help - can't find one

Unread postby decipha » Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:12 pm

So with a new born in the house I'm looking for a dehumidifier. I cannot seem to find one that doesn't have some type of major design issue or reoccurring pump failures. I've looked at every single one offered on amazon and not a single one was use-able.

I'm almost tempted to buy one with a known design flaw mount it on an incline and rig up a garden hose fitting to an aquarium pump using a high and low level with a backup shut off pressure sensor for safety as it seems no one knows how to design one correctly or with any reliability.

If anyone know of any and can link one please do as I am in the market and looking to purchase one tonight.
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Re: Dehumidifier help - can't find one

Unread postby Batx00 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:19 am

Yep, that is my impression on those things. I bought one about a year ago for our 55 foot long metal shipping/storage containers. I think it is a Frigidaire but didn't remember what the model number is. It has a built-in tank/bucket in the bottom and garden hose fitting (which I haven't used yet). Almost all of the inexpensive dehumidifiers (non commercial units) that I have seen are a tank style you have to empty out. Some have hose fittings for continuous draining into a floor drain and I think there is one model you can get with a pump in the bucket but I think you had to purchased it from the manufacturer because none of the web stores had it in stock. If you're using it in the house, I would definitely recommend putting a chlorine tablet or a little bleach in it every so often, stuff does grow in the water collection tank. Make sure you buy one that is big enough for the square footage your house or room because they are rated to remove X many gallons of water per hour/day on continuous mode in perfect conditions. Oh and the fan runs all the time, even when the bucket is full of water or when the desired humidity level is reached.
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Re: Dehumidifier help - can't find one

Unread postby blocmi » Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:29 pm

Of course my dehumidifier's humidistat is broken and discontinued, so it will only work if I set it to run continuously... which causes it to freeze up and not work...
I feel your pain.

On the bright side I found a solution to reliably removing the water...
I drain mine via garden hose fitting on the dehumidifier into the condensate pump for my central AC and furnace.
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Re: Dehumidifier help - can't find one

Unread postby dleach1407 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:40 pm

The one I have I got on Amazon. I have been using it for years.. I have it connected directly to a drain so I do not ever need to drain it. Ill see if I can find the model number

Edit: ... 00AU7GZXE/

I have had no issues with mine. When I use it, it runs for about 5 weeks continuously on the highest setting and then gets a break for a month or 2 then repeat. Ive had it for 4 years now. Anything that has a built in humidistat isnt going to be very usefull. I would suggest getting a remote humidistat and run an extension cord to keep the unit away from the humidistat.
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