Dreamt about finding a dead woman in my house

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Dreamt about finding a dead woman in my house

Unread postby decipha » Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:10 am

so i just woke up rather abrutly, i just had the strangest dream ever. In my dream Im in front the speed shop waiting on some guys to tune a car (whom im acually meeting there in a few hours), while standing across the street waiting 3 vehicles pull up, one of which drivem by the owner of the speed shop, one of the three vehicles parks in the driveway another i believe parks next to it and the third stops in the middle of thre street. While in the middle of the street they pop the hood and start looking over the engine, all seems pretty plausible but something in the middle of the street right under the vehicle grabs my attention, i can not possibly even began to tell u what it was, and then just like all my dreams, i own a house of which ive never seen that is conveniently located just one step exactly away, this house is very odd, (thinking about it while typing this i think i remember this home as one we lived in when i was an infant, we moved from it when i was just 2 or 3 years old. its almost like a trailer but the back secret entrance door is up a set of stairs that is very dark and seperated by a small straight (break) half way up, as im walking to go to this cavern like opening that is private only to me, i see five or six mexican men loitering within the cave entrance and within it, one watches me as i walk in the cave, another is sitting on the break up the stairs, and then another was up top the stairs, i thought it was very odd and erie as none one other than me should have been there. As i get to the top of the stairs i take a hard left and go down a short ways in a corridor, i then encounter another man, as i walk past him he whispers to me, I found a dead woman in there, it goes in one ear and right out the other i completely dismiss it, i have no idea where the other man or two were but i knew i had seen them. At the end of this corridor there is a very well hidden secret passage behind a false wall that is no more than 12" in width. Had you not known it was there you would never find it. I then suck in my gut and shimmy the passage to make it through to the other side, the other wide was a rather small 4 ft x 4ft hall with a door. The door is a secret side door in to my house, I then go to open the door and much to my surprise the door was unlocked, i go in quickly and on the other side of the door is my bathroom. There i see a murdered woman laying in my tub and she looked to hav her throat slit. My first impression of the woman was that she was partially fake. She was a human being but her face neck and feet were very white almost as though she had severe plastic surgery at one time (like a burn victim). In any case, at that exact split second my I realize that my back door is unlocked which i always make it a point to lock it. I knew thats were the perp exited. I knew this even though I was no where near the door yet I twisted the handle and knew it was unlocked. While still in the bathroom i cant recall if i did indeed draw my side arm or if i just thought to but didnt but i walk to my left through the door out of the bathroom into i believe the front room of the house while pulling my actual cell phone (this one here) out my pocket and call 911, i think second think it and hang up immediately to call my mom when i just woke up, one thing im forgetting, the dream starts by me inside the house going to the back bedroom to let my dog mafia outside in the backyard. I think at that point is where i found the backdoor unlocked way before any of this. The scene quickly changed after that to the speed shop i wrote about at first. One more thing im thinking of now, while waiting for the guys at the shop i think abiut my dog and how i couldnt bring her to the shops yard cuz they had a dog which in reality they do not. I think i went to that secret passage to check on the dog yet all the while i had the spirit of my dog with me which made the mexicans fearful of me as they were clearly evil men. No doubt I believed they killed her.

that about sums it up, odd dream indeed just thought id share

if your wondering what this dream means, i just recently found out that my dog that was stolen from me the morning after halloween (same day i found my dads body in 2005) back in 2011 was taken by a neighbor, the neighbor complained once that the dog barking was distracting him from working even though he owned the house and didnt live there as it is a rental next door. I found out last week from one of his prior tenants thats friends with my sister that he took the dog to an open field he owns in mississippi and probably shot it in the head. The man passed away last year or the beginning of this year and his son who became best buds with me overnight for no apparent reason (i should have been suspect) sold it to an investment group. Through out the day today I couldnt get the image of my dead dog out of my head with a bullet hole in its head drowned in a pool of blood. Ive been thinking all day how happy i am knowing that guy is dead.
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