SBF A9P QH Trying to get it to idle and run

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SBF A9P QH Trying to get it to idle and run

Unread postby Cruisin428 » Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:18 am

1) Your current tune file

A9P f3-original bin.bin

2) Your Vehicle Info Sheet Filled Out (from the homepage)
3) A descriptive summary of your exact issues
I drove the car then it was stored for 4 months and shipped to me, coming off the truck it ran bad
sputters pops rich smelling lurches - does not run right at all
4) A zipped datalog of the problem areas - I notice the VMAF is flat and the HEGOs stay above .49 - possibly from the VMAF ??

5) The specific areas of your tune youd like to improve on
See 3 - I want to get to a base line where it will idle and actually run ok.
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