coils ?

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coils ?

Unread postby lugbolt » Sat Nov 14, 2020 6:50 pm

Didn't really know where to put this question, so here it is

I bracket race an old Ford Maverick. 438" Ford windsor, makes roughly 750hp N/A on a good tune; though I generally keep the timing a little retarded and the fuel a little rich. Ron's system mechanical methanol injection. Zero electronics, no carb, just a throttle body with a metering valve stuck to it, with 8 lines coming off of the metering valve, each line feeds and injector nozzle that flows fuel as long as the engine is running. Very simple, and it works. MSD 6AL and MSD pro billet distributor. old school stuff but it worked for years.

The 28 year old 6AL box died, it's winter and I'm making other changes so I got to thinking. Coil-near-plug.

I have no clue about coil near plug but willing to learn.

what would u use to control the coils? Keeping it as simple as possible.

I hear that use of a 3.8 cam sync body works, and an old 302 shaft? How's that going to work with a 351w, when the oil pump drive is larger as is the support in the block?

What about the trigger wheel? I have an old school professional products dampener on the end of the crank, with a spud that runs the fuel and vacuum pump.
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Re: coils ?

Unread postby decipha » Sat Nov 14, 2020 7:53 pm

sounds like you want a mega jolt
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