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by jcbryant
2021 Oct 09, 12:03
Forum: PCM Tuning
Topic: 2017 5.2 Shelby Gt350 swapped F100 cold start
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2017 5.2 Shelby Gt350 swapped F100 cold start

Hey everyone
Boss has a 1970 F100 with 2017 Shelby Gt350 5.2 swapped in it.
Engine is stock. other then a cone air filter.
Issue I'm having is engine fires right up when cranking engine, then the RPM drops and I can hear the engine stumble or blubber then it clears up and idles fine. It does this sometime after the truck has been driven, engine is up to operating temp. park the truck, come back to it a couple hours later and coolant temps can be in the 100F range. The engine fires then stumbles or blubber then idle comes right back to a smooth idle.
I'm using SCT advantage to tune. been using Hptuners to log. wondering if I need to use LiveLInk since I might be missing something.

I've made some changes to Base Fuel Table Cold. I added about 20% fuel .4 load -40F to 70F No changes.
after doing some digging I think it maybe in my MAF. Since cone filter may have messed with airflow enough to change start up.
Monday ill added to maf table in the area its having the issue.
Here is a log of it acting up. Let me know if i should log something else.


Also this truck is going to SEMA. I have some youtube videos of it if interested

This has been up for a while then realized I didnt post tune of log
marty f100 cold start dip
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revision6 cold fuel table added 20%
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by jcbryant
2021 Oct 09, 11:33
Forum: Hardware, Programming & Disassembly
Topic: 2005 F250 BIN file assistance
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Re: 2005 F250 BIN file assistance

Id like to continue learning but at this time I'm swamped with repair work and a couple small tuning fixes.

I did download IDA and a x32dbg and X64dbg

Here is the link to the 64 and 32 debugger I downloaded to try

This is the IDA disassembler I downloaded
Is this correct?

I try to drag and drop my BIN file into the debugger and it will not bring it up. they usually come up with an error.

I guess I probably need to learn some coding.
by jcbryant
2021 Sep 04, 11:03
Forum: Hardware, Programming & Disassembly
Topic: 2005 F250 BIN file assistance
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Re: 2005 F250 BIN file assistance

Sorry haven't responded for some time. Been busy.
I think this is most likely more then I need to take on. Like wwhite said its a big undertaking and it takes lots of time.
I'd like to learn but I don't even have an understanding of writing code.

thank you wwhite and decipha for responding.
by jcbryant
2021 Jul 25, 14:10
Forum: Hardware, Programming & Disassembly
Topic: 2005 F250 BIN file assistance
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2005 F250 BIN file assistance

Hey all. The vehicle I'm learning on is a 2005 Ford F250 6.0 Powerstroke. I don't know exactly how to explain what I'm needing, though I'll try
I want to learn how to read the BIN file from a PCM then take it to a program like Tuner Pro.
I have HPtuners and SCT advantage to tune with but I'd like to learn more about how everything really works.
If that makes sense. I'd like to eventually read the FICM on the 6.0 Powerstroke as well.
I've downloaded TunerPro, I bought PCMflash and I downloaded EEC-IV-disassembler. Now that I type that I realized that the PCM from the F250 is probably not EEC IV. So it probably wont work. That's why I'm asking questions.
So far I've read the BIN file from the truck which I'm attaching.
I've tried opening the disassembler but I'm not having any success. I'm expecting a program window to open but I have a feeling I'm wrong and don't know where to start.
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by jcbryant
2021 Jun 06, 23:17
Forum: Additional Support
Topic: fuel pump questions
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Re: fuel pump questions

Have you thought about running the return fuel through a cooler before returning to the tank. Couldn't a simple power steering cooler from a car help?
you could put it under the car where is could get some air flow.